Staffing and Administration

Watson’s Healthcare will employ six full time and two part time staff.

  1. Executive Director (full time) – responsible for hiring project staff, overseeing group home development and operation, establish and maintaining connection with local government agencies, establish and maintaining working relationships with formal and informal community leaders, and establishing and maintaining the budget
  2. Group Home Manager (full time) – responsible for overseeing administrative and financial operations of the group home, developing programs and activities for staff and residents, recruiting university student volunteers, developing, and facilitating training programs for volunteers, and scheduling volunteers
  3. Nurse -LPN (full time) – responsible for checking vital signs and giving medication to residents
  4. Occupational Therapist (full time) - responsible for administering treatment plans and activities that improve their daily living
  5. Housekeeper (full time) - responsible for providing housekeeping services and personal care services such as bathing residents and assisting them with getting dressed
  6. Food Manager (full time) - responsible for providing nutritious meals to residents
  7. Project Evaluator (part time) – responsible for collecting data and developing and implementing a system for periodic formative evaluations
  8. CNA (part time) – responsible for checking vital signs and giving medication to residents, assisting with bathing and dressing of residents, and housekeeping as needed

Services We Provide

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Care giving for Alzheimer’s Disease, Hospice, and more

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