Resources Needed

  • Facilities – two foreclosed properties in the river region of Montgomery, AL to house residents (purchase of foreclosed properties is cost efficient and valuable for the community)
  • Personnel – Six full-time staff at 100% salary and two part-time staff at 50% salary
  • Equipment – Copy and fax machine for preparation of informational and educational materials, desks and chairs for offices, beds and furniture for resident bedrooms, kitchen equipment, chairs and tables for a community resident area, and laundry equipment
  • Supplies- office and household supplies

About Us

A community-based group home center named Watson’s Healthcare will be established in Montgomery, Alabama. Watson’s Healthcare will focus on providing educational, recreational, vocational, and therapeutic services to people with intellectual disabilities, mental illness, and other disabling conditions, especially those from extremely low-income areas.

Care giving for Alzheimer’s Disease, Hospice, and more

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Watsons Healthcare
4049 US Highway 231 #1012
Wetumpka, Alabama 36093
Phone: (334)401-2887

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